10 of Our Funniest, Downright Crazy Shoots and Requests




We often joke that Powerhouse would make for a fantastic sitcom… think ‘Fawlty Towers’ meets ‘Great British Bake Off’.  We’ve had everything from a car to a baby elephant pass through our studios and with these shoots have come some brilliant stories and the utmost strangest of requests!

Here are some of our standouts over the years…

(*Disclaimer* these sound-bites are purely for entertainment purposes so, if you spot one of yours, know that we love shooting with you and thank you for making our jobs that bit more brilliant!)


#1    The time we had to shoot a lion on top of a washing machine… complete with man-with-rifle behind the scenes in case the lion decided to eat us.

Don’t worry, no lions were harmed in the pursuit of increasing washing machine sales.

#2    The time we had to source a parrot for a shoot and when it turned up with its owner… it only had one full wing!

Definitely an assumption we won’t be making again.


#3    The countless times we’ve been asked “I know it’s smashed… but can you still shoot it?”.

Mirrors, tables, lighting, dinner sets… you name it, we’ve glued it!

#4    The time we were told “We’re open with colours… but we don’t want blue, black, white, grey, the usual!”


#5    The shoot that asked “Do you have a life-sized Chinese dragon in props?”.

Nope… and unfortunately still don’t!

#6    The other shoot that asked “Do you have any aeroplane seats for the shot?”.

Sadly chartering a plane was out of the budget.


#7    The brilliant critiques that still have us scratching our heads, like “What we’ve currently got is shine... but what we really want is sheen”.

And let’s not forget the age-old classic of being asked… “can you just take the face out of that mash?”

#8    The time fashion required a model to “just jump but stay there”.

There’s only so much we can do with a fan…

#9    The time we had to entice a hippopotamus to run and burst through a circus paper hoop.

No, it wasn’t on location. Yes, it was before the days of Photoshop!


#10  The time Tony had to step in as a male model.

Safe to say those images, and that hair, still frequent our Christmas staff PowerPoints!


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