3 Tips To Attract And Keep Digital Audiences in 2019


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It’s well and truly Christmas countdown mode. Yet, in amongst the office parties, festive knitwear and oh-so-exciting end of year reporting, it’s time to turn attention to your marketing strategy for next year.

Whilst planning might already be in full swing for how you hope to maximise audience reach and results in 2019, it’s important not to forget that your content is at the heart of everything.  What you’re putting out there, now more than ever before, needs to hit hard, hammer home and have impact in order to build a loyal audience.

Here’s a few tips to take with you into the New Year to achieve just that.

#1  Build Narrative With Serial Content

Unlike ‘storytelling’ (which can often just be a fancy name for a one-off brand piece), ‘narrative’ is built through a sequence of content and works most effectively when treat like a TV series.

Think about current, popular TV shows, like I’m A Celebrity. It’s usually the most unexpected personalities that can resonate with audiences, and the conversations about these characters are what keeps the content alive until your audience gets their next fix.

This is the Holy Grail: Not just pushing content out there, but generating an audience demand for more.  Putting this in an advertising context, there are a few ways which you can achieve the same result.

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1. Invest in ‘narrative’ and make sure what you’re putting out there is authentic and can be built upon.

2. Be consistent and schedule content effectively by releasing assets at the same time each day or week.  This will grow an expectation and demand for your series.

3. Use each series as a litmus test to learn what works for your audience. You can also prime them for subsequent projects, where you’ll already have gathered a loyal following.

#2  ‘30 Seconds’ Is A Myth

How many times have you been advised to make sure your content is less than 30 seconds long, with all key messaging appearing in the first 3-5 seconds, or you’ll face the dreaded disengaged, disinterested social scroller?  Well we’re here to tell you that’s a myth!

Sure it makes sense to have short snippets of info if the sole purpose of your content is to sell a product. But, to survive in 2019, you’ll need to build more of a brand presence and in doing so, your content should be as long as it needs to be. 

We’ve been led to believe that the public (including you and I) have become so de-sensitised to advertising that we no longer know what good content is anymore… we just sit there mindlessly only accepting it in it’s shortest-form.  I don’t know about you, but I find that quite insulting!


If people are invested, if the content is different and interesting, they’ll watch.

#3  Spend On Quality


This one is of course easier said than done.  It’s been a tough economic year on the purse strings and we’re constantly being challenged to do more and create more with less.

The key thing here is, whatever the budgets you’re allocating for 2019, make sure you’re not just accepting the cheapest option when it comes to your visual assets. “You get what you pay for” and “buy cheap buy twice” – they’re warnings for a reason!

LinkedIn in their Key Marketing Trends for 2019* have cited that “content marketing must become a centre of excellence”.  It might be beneficial in the short-term to bring production in-house and save money but “this will not be without it’s challenges”. Essentially, it will have a detrimental impact to quality… and your audience next year will only accept the best.

* Source: LinkedIn: ‘Top Marketers Highlight 6 Trends to Watch in 2019’


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