Overcome The #1 Issue That Businesses Face With Their Digital Content


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During the 19 years that Powerhouse has been around, we’ve met and worked with 400+ businesses to help them overcome issues with their stills and motion content.  Whether it’s improving brand consistency or generally achieving a quicker turnaround from brief to delivery, we’re often approached with the same issues year on year.

In more recent years, however, conversations have shifted and businesses have had a whole new set of opportunities and challenges in the form of digital content...

The Problem. 

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The digital landscape is now so saturated with visual content, it’s predicted in 2018 that Facebook followers, for example, will only actually see 10% of your company’s organic posts*. If you want to get noticed, you either need to be putting a fair bit of spend behind your campaigns or be putting a LOT of content out there.

The way in which we display content has shifted hugely. Live streaming, social stories, LinkedIn native video, Instagram TV… these big players have all been hot marketing opportunities for 2018.


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The problem we have is how to flood these channels with content that’s going to make it on to the screens of our target market when production values are high, demand has increased but budgets have remained relatively unchanged.

Essentially, how do you procure content in volume that looks great, doesn’t break the bank, but means you’ve got enough material to post all year round? …Otherwise known as the Holy Grail.


The Solution.

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A big misconception when a large number of assets are required is to compromise on the quality of them in order to not blow the budget.  This is a big no-no!  We’re programmed to get that buzz once we’ve found a bargain (cue Boxing Day sales!), but actually in Production it can often mean that corners have been cut and quality has been jeopardised.

For the answer, let’s focus on video… because, let’s face it, it gets the better ROI and getting stills on the back of a video shoot is now just a given!


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Turn your attention towards Productised Content. A way of getting flexible, affordable video assets in a range of formats that utilise tried and tested methods and styles to get the desired result you’re after.  Whether it be micro content, cinemagraphs or stop motion, to communicate recipes, life hacks or a new product launch, a productised suite of videos works wonders on your purse strings.

It has a pre-determined look and feel, meaning you save on creative and extensive post-production, but you still keep the quality of a fully bespoke shoot.  What's more, with customisable elements, your brand’s messaging is still strong it just means a lot of the creative legwork has already been done for you.


We’d love to tell you more about the Productised Content we can build into your campaign, so click here to speak about our offering further.


*Source: Hootsuite: ‘Digital in 2018: Data, Trends & Opportunities’

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