The Jungle.


Regularly we’re asked to create an outdoor scene in the complete wrong season. Summer garden lights in November, a winter forest in July, that sort of thing!

But when we were tasked with finding a tranquil, exotic paradise that exuded summer heat and contemporary tropical sophistication… in October… in LEEDS(!)... we knew we had our work cut out.

Alas, to our rescue came The Jungle Garden - Leeds’ best-kept tropical secret.


Setting off to recce this local jungle paradise, we had a sneaky suspicion it might’ve been too good to be true.  A bit like clicking ‘traveller photos’ on TripAdvisor having just seen the professional shots.

How wrong we were.

31094 (01)-1500.jpg

We arrived at what looked like a very normal, very lovely suburban home… but upon walking through the wooden gate, we were opened up to the most amazing, multi-level garden with bold accent colours and huge obscure leaves, all connected by boardwalks and bark paths. A true Roundhay Rainforest.


Getting resounding approval from our client and crew, we shot in the garden’s elevated “Jungle Lodge” which perfectly complemented the array of bold, tropical hues we were shooting, inspired by the relaxing pace of Hawaiian life.

The shots came out beautifully and we now know, if ever in doubt, you really can create Lanai in Leeds!

Final shots.jpg