4 Reasons To Shoot A 'Proof Of Concept'


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1.    Easier to convey ideas

From our view point, Proof Of Concepts (POCs) are the easiest way of conveying ideas and concepts to you as the client rather than solely relying on scamps and briefing notes. Instead of trying to visualise something, you’re actually seeing it in front of your eyes!

2.    Simpler approval process

They’re also a great way of getting wider approval from your teams of decision makers. Actual mock-ups are much easier to specifically critique as there’s less room for ambiguity – what you get is what you see.

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“With all things creative there is always a level of subjectivity. Proof Of Concepts work incredibly well for us, allowing us to see visual representations of the team's ideas. It affords us an easy way to share ideas with our Brand Managers and helps out overall when a theme or subject is abstract and exciting!”

- Elle Tehrani, Taylors of Harrogate


3.    More accurate look and feel

POCs are the ONLY way to accurately show intended lighting style(s). Light reacts so differently from product to product and background to background. Sample images are good as style guides but they’re not accurate as lighting references.

4.    More time- and cost-efficient shoot

Because you’ve already had sign-off on the look and feel of creative, we can really hit the ground running when it comes to the actual shoot because we’ve already nailed the set-up. Naturally, this can reduce the amount of time taken on your shoot days, which can subsequently save you money. Win Win!


Be sure to mention Proof Of Concepts when you next chat with our team... we'd be happy to scope them out with you for your next project!



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